December Monthly Reminders
    Accountability and Assessment:
  • Review Family and Community Engagement (TEC§39.0545)
  • School Report Card released (send home within six weeks)

  • Administration and Leadership:
  • State Compensatory Education (TEC§29.081)

  • Charter Specific:
  • Charter holder must file audit report disclosing all management company loans

  • Federal and State Programs:
  • NCLB Final Amounts sent out by TEA
  • Review/implement district/campus improvement plans* (TEC§11)

  • Finance:
  • Review student attendance figures as compared to prior year and budget Projections
  • Publish Schedule A-2 from independent audit in local newspaper
  • Approve Independent Audit Report*
  • Post metered amounts of electricity, water and gas consumption for which the district is required to pay and aggregate amounts of those services (Government Code, §2265.001(b), House Bill 3693, 80th Legislature, Regular Session)

  • School Board:
  • Superintendent’s summative evaluation
  • Approve independent audit report*
  • Report Trustees Training Hours (TEC§11.159) (TAC 61, Subchapter A)

  • Special Education:
  • Substitute System of Federal Time and Effort Reporting LEA Management Certification due to be effective spring and summer semesters only of current year, if applicable

  • Texas Student Data System/PEIMS:
  • Fall PEIMS submission due to ESC-20 on December 1st
  • Fall PEIMS submission due to TEA on December 8th

  • Other:
  • Transportation Operations Report due electronically December 1st

2016-2017 Monthly Reminders