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House Bill 5 created an opportunity for Alamo Colleges, UTSA and several independent school districts within ESC-20 to build a partnership to design the College Preparatory courses for English and Math, to be offered to 12th graders.  In the partnership, professors and K-12 educators collaborated to determine standards, assessments, resources and professional development to offer the College Preparatory courses in the fall of 2014.
If you are interested in building a partnership with Alamo Colleges and UTSA, please use the contact information below, the final version of the Memorandum of Understanding and the course syllabus for College Prep Math and English to reach out to each institute of higher education.  In addition, you will find sample parent letters and additional informational resources.  While these resources offer a great start to building a partnership, it is clear that this partnership intends to continue working together to evaluate progress and alignment throughout the year.
Please click the link called Memorandum of Understanding Letter from Alamo Colleges and UTSA to begin the process for building your partnership with the Alamo Colleges and UTSA.
College Preparatory Course MOU Process
If you are interested in partnering with the Alamo Colleges and UTSA, please sign the MOU and email to Kristi Booth at   The MOU will then be sent to UTSA to obtain the UTSA signature.  Once the signatures are completed at both institutions, a fully executed MOU will be returned to LEAs.
2016-2017 Memorandum of Understanding
TSI (Texas Success Initiative) College Board April 2014
College Preparatory Course Overview from April 30th Curriculum Forum
Alamo Colleges and UTSA Partnership Contact Information June 2014
Alamo Colleges and UTSA College Prep Course MOU FINAL June 2014
ELAR College Prep Course Syllabus May 2014 FINAL
Math College Prep Course Syllabus May 2014 FINAL
Sample Parent Communication English April 2014
Sample Parent Communication Spanish April 2014
Sample Parent Communication Version 2 June 2014 ENGLISH
Sample Parent Communication Version 2 June 2014 SPANISH
College Preparatory Course Professional Development Offerings 2014-2015
College Preparatory Course Instructional Resources April 2014
College Preparatory Discussions
College Prep Course ELAR
College Ready Course MATH
Agenda for BCCIO College Preparatory Conversations
Define The Work Graphic Organizer
DE Webpage ACGM Developmental Education Additions Revisions
Ready for UTSA Flyer

New Webinar - 11/6/2014
ESC-20 UTSA Ready Presentation
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