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The following handouts provide information on the use and care of many of the living materials available for checkout from the Living Science Center. The handouts are in Adobe™ Acrobat© format. Click the document title or call (210) 370-5688 for any of the following handouts that may be of interest to you.
Living Science Handouts
Handout # Title Description
LME-2 Structure & Function
LMP-3 Protista
LMP-4 Trichocyst in Paramecium
LMP-7 Algae
LME-11 Experimenting with Hydra
LMP-12 Maintaining Hydra
LMP-13 Planaria
LME-14 Embryo Development
LMP-15 Vinegar Eels
LMP-16 Earthworms Care
LMP-17 Snails
LMP-23a Drosophila Fruit Flies Describes the life cycle of fruit flies.
LMP-23b Handling Drosophila Describes the proper way to handle drosophila in genetic experiments.
LME-32 Frog Dissecting
LME-40 Bacteria Staining
LME-40a Bacterial Growth
LME-61a Plants and CO2
LME-61b Plant Cell
LMP-70 Plant Care
LME-72 Bottle Biology Provides instructions for making an ecosystem in a 3-liter soda bottle.
LME-79 Plant Growth
LME-93 Animal Tissue & Organs
LMP-101 Small Mammal Care Explains how to care for rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs.
LME-117 Growth by Hormones
LMP-125 Cricket Care Provides information on the care of crickets.
LMP-126 Mealworm Care Provides information on the care and feeding of mealworms.
LMP-127 Crayfish Care Provides information on the care and feeding of crayfish.
LMP-157 Brine Shrimp Provides information about brine shrimp and explains how to hatch their eggs.
LMP-164 African Dwarf Frogs
LMP-165 Leopard Frogs
LMP-165a Tadpoles
LME-166 Incubating Eggs Explains the procedures for incubating and hatching chicken eggs.
LMP-170 Reptiles Provides general information on snakes and their care.
LME-172 Earthworms Dissection
LME-200 Constructing an Egg Incubator Lists the materials needed and procedures for building an egg incubator.
LMP-202 Feeding Aquarium and Terrarium Animals Describes how to feed and what to feed snails, fish, salamanders, toads, frogs, alligators, lizards, snakes, turtles, guinea pigs, rats, and mice.
LMP-203 Food Requirements Lists the food needs for baby birds, chameleons, dragonflies frogs, horned toads, lizards, minnows, praying mantis, baby rabbits, salamanders snakes, spiders, squirrels, tadpoles, toads, and turtles.
LME-205 Classroom Terrarium Lists the materials needed and procedures for setting up a terrarium.
LMP-206 School Terrarium Provides information about a variety of terrarium types: desert, woodland, bog, and semi aquatic.
LMP-207 Setting Up an Aquarium Explains what is needed and how to set up an aquarium.
LME-209 Snakes & Man
LME-210 Chemicals in Water
LME-211 Perspiration
LME-212 Temperature & Bacteria Growth
LME-213 Fuel From Cactus
LME-214 Animal Behavior
LME-215 Plant Phototropic
LME-216 Carbon Dioxide in Plants
LMP-301 Spiders
LMP-302 Tarantulas
LME-303 Owl Pellets
LME-304 Sheep Eye Dissection
LME-305 Crayfish Dissection
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