2013 Purchasing Cooperative
Welcome to the ESC-20 Purchasing site.
The two components of the purchasing cooperative are:
  • Educational Technology
  • General Supplies
2017 Product Show
This year's show will be held on Wednesday, September 13th. Our theme for the event will be Pirate Treasure Island. If you're interested in attending the event, please use the link below.

2017 Product Show Registration
Awarded Vendors
Awarded Vendors
Educational Technology
The 2013 Purchasing Cooperative assists member districts in reducing costs and improving the quality of technology-related purchases. The cooperative solicits bids for Year 2000 compliant items. Product categories include: Apple microcomputer products, MS-DOS microcomputer products, business office equipment, educational software, network hardware services, and other educational technology products and services requested by member districts and approved by the Executive Committee.
General Supplies
The 2013 Cooperative assists districts in reducing costs and improving the quality of the products purchased. The cooperative solicits bids for office and computer supplies, paper supplies, art supplies, PE supplies, custodial supplies, reproduction supplies, lawn and garden supplies, fire extinguishers, graphing calculators and floor care products and machine pads. The general supplies bid cover the areas of athletic equipment, band instruments, carpet/flooring, first aid and medical supplies, maintenance, merchandise, playground equipment, and uniforms.
Region 20 In-House Bids
The Region 20 Purchasing group conducts the bidding process for Region 20 in-house bids.
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