G/T Staff Development
ESC-20 Advanced Academics Services strives to be the definitive choice in Professional Learning that supports our students with equity and access to advanced-level programs. Our passion is to cultivate effective strategies in student engagement practices, curricular support, and respond to the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of our high ability students.
ESC-20 offers five courses that count toward the required G/T 30 hours. Each course counts as six hours of G/T credit. All courses may be taken, or only particular courses within the series may be taken, as needed. In addition, there are several courses offered throughout which are specifically designed for Six-Hour Updates (for teachers who already have their required G/T 30 hours).
2016 Fall G/T Course Offerings
Click the link below to access the ESC-20 Fall 2016 Course Offerings of G/T Professional Learning.
Fall 2016 Course Offerings
Rolando Ruvalcaba
Educational Specialist, Advanced Academics
(210) 370-5398
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