Texas Reading Academies
The kindergarten class of 1999-2000 was the first group of students required to meet the passing standard for third grade reading portion of TAKS™ in 2002-2003. The Teacher Reading Academies were put into place to provide research-based reading instruction strategies to the teachers of this group of children.
Online Teacher Reading Academies (OTRA)
The OTRAs are electronic versions of the Teacher Reading Academies (TRA) for K-2. The CD includes all of the same information, videos, handouts, and activities as the original TRAs. Educators with access to the Internet can also ask questions about the content and receive responses from a TRA trainer. The OTRAs are free to Texas educators.
Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk (MCPER)
Vaughn Gross Center for Reading and Language Arts (VGC)
Texas ReadSource
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