Child Mental Wellness
The Head Start Program works collaboratively with parents to secure mental wellness services from health care providers, local community resources, the local district, and other professionals. The wellness services are provided through education and activities for children, parents, and staff.
Wellness Support
Individual and small-group counseling for children is available upon referral from the classroom teacher. The School Readiness Specialist and school district counselor work collaboratively to provide individualized services for children. Counseling activities occur during group opportunities, individual opportunities, home visits, special meetings, conferences, appointments, and consultations.
When necessary, the program contracts with a Wellness Consultant to observe the children and classroom staff for climate and behaviors. Staff receives feedback and recommendations to improve the overall classroom wellness environment. Follow-up consultations are provided throughout the school year.

Facts & Highlights
  1. Parents reach a level of understanding and emotional support concerning mental wellness issues and concerns by attending the Head Start Orientation at the beginning of the year.
  2. Parents continue to have opportunities to grow by attending parent committee meetings, training, and workshops concerning different topics on mental wellness issues.
  3. Guidance and counseling sessions are available for parents through local community agencies and outside agencies.
  4. Parents and staff are trained in the area of Child Abuse and Violence Prevention.
  5. A contracted Wellness Consultant observes the classrooms and provides input on how to address the needs of children and staff.
  6. Classroom presentations are provided to the children to support self-esteem building, friendships, drug awareness and violence prevention.
  7. Individual and small-group counseling is available for children.
Tri-County Head Start Contacts:
Priscilla Garza
School Readiness Specialist
(210) 370-5472
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Maria Spain
School Readiness Specialist
(210) 370-5419
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Bexar County Head Start Contacts:
Casandra Morrison
Disabilities & Wellness Specialist
(210) 370-5482
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