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ESC-20 offers a variety of professional development and support for STEM education. We offer services in the following areas:
STEM Cooperative

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Experiential Learning 21st Century Teaching STEM Strategic Planning STEM Leaders Network Professional Development

The STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) cooperative supports the cultivation of leadership to design and develop a comprehensive STEM culture that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, and communication among students. Coop members are provided with opportunities to become a part of a collaborative STEM community that shares best practices and builds strong systems of support for 21st Century learning. The STEM Coop provides a robust menu of professional growth opportunities that include STEM Leadership development, Project Based Learning to design authentic experiences for students, digital learning, instructional coaching and technical assistance that may be customized to reach district and campus goals.

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Transformation Central Texas STEM Center
Transformation Central Texas STEM Center is a partnership between Education Service Centers, Region 13 (Austin) and Region 20 (San Antonio). Transformation Central serves central Texas and El Paso T-STEM Academies and other schools focusing on innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) instruction.
SASTEMIC is a San Antonio-based 501c3 advocacy group and connectory for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
CS4TX San Antonio is an open community consisting of business leaders, parents, educators, school and university administrators, government officials, and concerned citizens that are dedicated to bringing computer science education to students in grades K-12 in the San Antonio area.
Ravae Shaeffer
Coordinator III
(210) 370-5280
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Adrian Gutierrez
Educational Specialist, Instructional Technology
(210) 370-5454
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Joel Rodriguez
Educational Specialist, STEM
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Nancy Rodriguez
Educational Specialist, Science
(210) 370-5611
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Lisa Soll
Educational Specialist, Science
(210) 370-5284
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Career and Technical Education