Board of Directors
The seven members of the Board of Directors are elected by local school district board members for three-year terms. The Executive Director is appointed by the Board of Directors, with approval of the Commissioner of Education and is assigned the executive function of the Center.

Board of Directors Meeting Agendas Members/Mike_Petter.jpg

Mr. Mike Petter
Chairman (Pleasanton) Members/Tom_Winn.jpg

Mr. Tom T. Winn
(San Antonio) Members/Eunice_Sosa.jpg

Ms. Eunice Sosa
(Uvalde) Members/Charles_Carlson.jpg

Mr. Charles Carlson
Vice Chairman (Rio Frio) Members/Irene_Rodriguez-Dubberly.jpg

Ms. Irene Rodríguez-Dubberly
(Hondo) Members/Beverly_Meyer.jpg

Ms. Beverly Meyer
(San Antonio) Members/Kay_Franklin.jpg

Ms. Kay Franklin
Secretary (San Antonio) Members/Daniel_Amador.jpg

Mr. Daniel Amador
 Charter School Representative