MEP Video
ESC Region 20 Migrant Education Program has created a series of videos to assist school districts with educating staff members or parents on various topics related to the migrant education program. These videos may be viewed by a group or an individual.
A few of the videos are required to be viewed by specific staff at our migrant SSA LEAs to meet the requirements of our grant application. Please make sure to print the sign in sheet for those videos to document where and when the video was shown, and who viewed it. Sign in sheets must be scanned and emailed to the ESC 20 SSA Lydia Hernandez.
Meeting the Needs of the Migrant Middle School Students Video
Required for ESC 20 SSA Districts: Meeting the Needs of the Migrant Middle School Students Video

Purpose: This video explains how migrant students are identified, along with qualifying guidelines. It also discuss the challenges and barriers faced by migrant students and how the ESC 20, Migrant Education Program provides academic support. Finally, the presenters will offer suggestions for teachers and counselors on how to advocate for the students.

Target Audience: middle school and high school counselors, teachers and administrators
Resources needed: none

Download the sign-in sheet
Meeting the Needs of Migrant Middle School Students

Advocacy of Migrant Students

The Importance of the Migrant Family Survey Video
Purpose: This video will explain the migrant Family Survey, how and when it should be completed, who should complete it, when it should be sent to ESC Region 20, and the required storage procedures for all family surveys at the LEA level.
Target audience: registrars or any other staff member who works with the Family Survey
Resources needed: Participants may wish to print a copy of the Family Survey and the flow chart How the Migrant Family Survey Assists in Providing Services to Migrant Students before viewing the video.

Effective Parent Communication
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