Coordinated School Health
Coordinated School Health (CSH) is a systemic approach of advancing student academic performance by promoting, practicing and coordinating school health education and services for the benefit and well-being of students in establishing healthy behaviors designed to last their lifetime.
8 Component Model
CSH consists of eight health-related areas covering all aspects of the school environment that are linked together to function as a unified, effective system to the benefit of the entire school community.
Refer to the 8 Component Model below for a view of the model and links to the various components.
Statutes & Rules/Criteria
All Texas school districts are required by law to implement a coordinated school health program in grades K-8. Click to review this section; in Title 2, Chapter 38, Section 38.013 of the Texas Education Code.
To find out the current criteria for development of a coordinated school health program that may be considered for implementation by the Texas Education Agency, view the Commissioner’s Rules, as published in the Texas Administrative Code.
Approved Coordinated School Health Programs
A list of the Coordinated School Health Programs that are currently approved for implementation along with vendor contact information for the programs are available on the Texas Education Agency’s website.
Coordinated School Health Program
This guide is designed for those interested in implementing a coordinated school health program as well as those who want to jumpstart or fine tune an existing one. It provides basic information on how to start up a CSH program and assess results. It is copyright free and can be downloaded, copied and shared by clicking on the link below.
A Guide for Texas School Districts
Technical Support & Resources
Education Service Center, Region 20
Provides information and training on how to implement a coordinated school health program in your school or district. To schedule a training, contact Mandy Tyler at 210-370-5493.
Texas Education Agency
Provides information related to public education in Texas and TEA approved CSH programs.
Square Meals: Texas Department of Agriculture
Provides access to a wide range of Texas child nutrition programs, policies and resources.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Provides information on how to assess, implement and evaluate CSH programs.
Mandy Tyler
Educational Specialist
(210) 370-5493
Contact Mandy Tyler