Focus and Priority Schools
Federal Accountability
Under Title I, School Improvement Program of No Child Left Behind, a Local Education Agency or campus must meet federal accountability standards for which the state has been granted a waiver. As part of the waiver, Texas schools in the bottom 15% will be identified as Focus or Priority Schools and must engage in intervention activities; however, at this time, we do not know which schools will be affected or the types of intervention activities that will be required.
Federal Accountability Methodology - TEA
Priority School Identification and Ranking Calculation Steps-TEA
Focus School Identification and Ranking Calculation Steps-TEA
Federal Student Groups (7) and Safeguard Targets-TEA
ESEA Turnaround Principles- TEA
Critical Success Factors
Alignment of ESEA Turnaround Principles and Critical Success Factors
Critical Success Factors and Continuous School Improvement
Every organization has factors that are critical to its success. Limiting these factors to a manageable number of key areas will help the organization thrive. Once identified, critical success factors help stakeholders focus on the priorities of the organization, helps them develop measurable goals and create a culture of teamwork.
The following success factors are foundational elements within the framework of the Texas Accountability Intervention System developed by Texas Education Agency and Texas Center for District and School Support. These Critical Success Factors will serve as key focus areas in school improvement planning. It is important to note there is no hard and fast rule for determining the number of CSFs and educational organization must focus on to be successful. The CSFs are grounded in evidence-based research and have been found to be key elements for implementing improvement efforts.
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2014-15 Presentation and Activity Handouts
Priority School Support Training - TCDSS
Focus School Follow Up Training - November 11, 2014
Gap Analysis Activity
CSF/Turnaround Principles Activity
Root Cause Analysis Activity (10, 5, 5 Protocol)
SMART Goals Processing Sheet
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