School Support Services Team
The School Support Services Team offers services, products, information, and solutions to sustain success and create change.
Services and Products
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment Tool and training
  • Critical Success Factors training
  • Culture and Climate training
  • Data Discovery training
  • Data Management System training and technical assistance (eduphoria! SchoolObjects and DMAC Solutions®)
  • Report services, including Compensatory Education
  • Mapping a Pathway to Student Success (MAPSS) - Campus & District
  • Survey services, including climate surveys
  • Test Item Bank training and technical assistance (TEKSBank, TAG, STAAR One)
  • Texas Accountability and Intervention System training
  • Transformational Leaders Institute
  • Transformational Teachers Institute
  • Understanding Accountability training (1) copy.png
Shannon Allen
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Stephen Enriquez
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Robyn Fender
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Jamie Goodwin
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Cheri Hendrick
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Debbie Rosenbaum
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