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Education Service Center, Region 20, supports district and campus testing coordinators through the work of our School Support Team and Regional Testing Coordinator.
The ESC-20 Regional Testing Coordinator is Cheri Hendrick.
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2017 District and Campus Coordinator Manual (DCCM)
The 2017 DCCM has now been posted on TEA's website listed below.
Education Service Center, Region 20 DTC Training Materials:
2017 DTC Training PowerPoint Print for ESC-20 Full Slides (Posted January 19, 2017)
2017 DTC Training PowerPoint Print for ESC-20 Notes Pages (Posted January 19, 2017)

TEA's PowerPoint can be found here, our ESC-20 training will not be in the same order. If you are printing for the ESC-20 session in San Antonio or in Uvalde you will want to use one of the two links above.
TEA's Webpage with the 2017 ESC DTC Training PowerPoint
2017 District Testing Coordinator Training for ESC-20 will be held twice:
day, January 23, 2017 here at Education Service Center, Region 20 OR
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 in Uvalde. 
Please contact Cheri Hendrick if you have questions.

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TAKS registration
TAKS Testing Registration for June 19-22, 2017 TAKS testing is open April 10 through May 26. More information can be found at
After June 2017, the next opportunity to take TAKS will be October 16-19, 2017. TAKS testing is now offered every March, June and October.

Please be aware that beginning in October 2014, TAKS will only be given online only.